Bucket List

My personal bucket list, for y’all to see!


  • Travel to Europe- Germany (Aug 2016), Rome (Feb 2018), Greece (April 2018), Paris (March 2018), London
  • Travel to Central America- Costa Rica (May 2017)
  • Travel to South America- Argentina, Peru
  • Travel to Australia
  • Travel to Asia- Singapore, Thailand, India, Laos, Cambodia
  • Travel to Africa- Egypt, South Africa
  • Visit the West Coast- Seattle
  • Visit Hawaii


  • Visit the 7 new wonders of the world (Completed: Chichen Itza, Colleseum, Eiffel Tower)
  • See the Eiffel tower (March 2018)
  • See the Statue of Liberty
  • Go to the original Starbucks in Seattle
  • See Niagara Falls
  • Do the Amazing Race with my mom
  • Visit all 50 states (14 states)

Cultural Awareness

  • Become fluent in Spanish (Started: August 2016)
  • Go on a mission trip


  • Get an internship with the Travel Channel
  • Write a book about my travels
  • Create a YouTube channel for travel vlogs (May 2017)
  • Write a fiction book


  • Learn how to do a headstand in yoga (March 2018)
  • Become a certified yoga instructor
  • Practice yoga in India
  • Meditate with monks
  • Read a new book every month, for an entire year
  • Run a marathon
  • Go vegetarian for a week
  • Go vegetarian for a month


  • Start a blog  October 2015
  • Get a WordPress blog with my own domain  July 2016
  • Start monetizing tiffanycline.com October 2016
  • Get 250 page views in one day  July 2016 
  • Get 500 page views in one week
  • Get 500 page views in one day
  • Get 750 page views in one week
  • Get 1000 page views in one week