At one with Mother Nature..

This weekend a group of girls and I went to Montezuma, Costa Rica. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite weekend here. I didn’t really like the town, everything was way overpriced and the people weren’t as nice as I expected. But there was one redeeming aspect that saved the weekend from being remembered by the negatives: las Cataratas de Montezuma. Picture this: A 20-minute walk up and down rocks winding through trees and branches. Then you arrive at a GIANT waterfall cascading into a pool of clear & pure water. Then you look over and see people jumping off the rocks, swimming under the falls and simply enjoying Pura Vida. After a short photo shoot, because of course what else would you expect from a group of 7 college-age women? You dive into the refreshing water and swim closer to the falls where you start chatting with […]

Stop saying my major is easy…

I am a broadcasting major and journalism minor, and they are not “easy” areas of study. Any time someone asks what I am majoring in I tell them with pride because I love what I do. But then I notice that there is usually a strange look on their face. When I ask someone what they are studying I usually hear something in the STEM field so to them broadcasting and journalism seem like easy ways out. I am sick of feeling ashamed to tell people what I am studying because I pour my heart and soul in what I do. Just because I am not taking four biology and chemistry classes a semester does not mean my major is easy. If you didn’t like writing you probably wouldn’t be overly excited to write a book for a final project; but I am. I am just so over the strange looks and […]

Acting Like You Don’t Care Won’t Stop You From Getting Heartbroken

  I am going to be honest here: I am known for putting up walls and acting like I don’t care to prevent heartbreak. The harsh reality of this is that it makes things worse. Everyone is fighting their own battles and has a history that has scarred them, but living in fear of history repeating itself doesn’t help you, it just hurts your chance of something not working out. Here’s why. A person can only stick around for so long when you aren’t giving them anything in return. This is kind of obvious, but if you’re not putting forth the same amount of effort or interest then they are going to think you are just not that into them. You could think they are amazing, but they aren’t going to wait around forever for you to let down your walls and actually make them feel wanted. You could miss […]

Less Relationship Goals, More Self Goals

#SelfGoals Putting too much of your happiness in anyone other than yourself is a big mistake. Basing self-worth on whether we are ‘relationship goals’ or how many friends we have is not the best way of thinking. It is actually kind of silly to think that either of those things actually define who you are a person. Yeah, I used to be so guilty of that because I would go on social media and see all these posts of people in relationships or hanging out with their friends and I thought I had to have that to be happy. Instead of reminding myself how lucky I was to have myself and those that were in my life. I just think it is silly to wait for someone to achieve goals with when we should be proactive and accomplish them on our own, after all, we are totally capable of taking basic PSL pics […]

I feel bad for the people who don’t know how to be alone

I feel bad for the people who don’t know how to be alone. I should know because I used to be one of those people. Being alone takes a lot of self-love. It takes being able to enjoy a movie without someone by your side, it means being able to go out to dinner and not feel weird when people give you strange looks because there isn’t someone across from you. Being truly alone and enjoying it is so so freeing. It makes you realize that you are more than enough and that you never need anyone to be happy. Although I have not yet accomplished that complete feeling of self-love, I am definitely working on it. Something easy to forget is how enjoyable solitude can be, how chilling by yourself one night can actually be good for you and might actually teach you a few things about life! Just think, […]