The Search for Inspiration

“(Un) inspired and too tired” – A monolougue My semester has been very below-average. Like the kind of semester that didn’t really suck, but was also not that great. It’s as if my semester fell into some weird “middle place.” And at this point, I’m over it. My grades are ok, but not great. My life is semi-interesting, but not interesting enough. And my bank account is struggling (no trying to sugar coat this one). My excuse: I just need some inspiration. After being in Costa Rica for pretty much the entire summer, and coming back to the States where life is just a little “blah,” kinda like being at a yellow light. Not quite as annoying as a red ¬†light where things are stopped, not quite as great as a green light where things are moving at a steady pace, but in the middle. It’s hard to describe to […]

Exciting New Experiences…..Tortuga Study Abroad Application

After studying abroad, completely self-funded, to Heredia, Costa Rica for 9 weeks, I was bit by the travel bug. Getting to live in a country so different than my own was one of the most challenging experiences, but the most rewarding, and I cannot wait to have the opprtunity to do it again next semester in Scotland. The thing I love most about being in another culture is how foreign it actually is, but how familiar it starts to feel after just a couple days. After 3 days in Costa Rica I had figured out how to talk to locals, cool coffee shops to go to, and even how to work the confusing bus system. I was living like a local and I had only just begun my journey. I say that it was the most challenging experience because everything was always so “new.” I was constantly adventuring and going […]


I am currently having some serious F.O.M.O….but this time because I feel ¬†like I am missing out on life being stuck in one place when this summer I was living it up in Costa Rica. My study abroad experience was hands down the most life-changing experience I have had. I accomplished several goals, had many firsts and came back with more knowledge of the Spanish language than I could have hoped to gain from nine weeks living in a foreign country. With that said, I also had an internship with USAC this summer (the study abroad provider I went through) and I created a sick video all about the program in Heredia, Costa Rica. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little bit every time I re-watch the video. So check it out and let me know what you think! Cheers to la pure vida!

Livin’ & learnin’

Hey y’all! This summer I had an internship with USAC (a study abroad program) to make videos and take pictures of my time in Heredia,Costa Rica. I was really excited about this opportunity because lately I have been feeling very inspired to travel the world making videos & taking pictures. I hope to one day be a producer for a show on the Travel Channel. So this was a good start for me! I decided to buy the Adobe Creative Cloud a few months ago so I could teach myself how they work before starting my internship and also before starting my video/audio editing classes in my major. If you don’t already know, video & audio editing can be very tricky. So tricky that my first video I ever made last summer of my study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico ended up looking like a photo slideshow and my video of […]

At one with Mother Nature..

This weekend a group of girls and I went to Montezuma, Costa Rica. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite weekend here. I didn’t really like the town, everything was way overpriced and the people weren’t as nice as I expected. But there was one redeeming aspect that saved the weekend from being remembered by the negatives: las Cataratas de Montezuma. Picture this: A 20-minute walk up and down rocks winding through trees and branches. Then you arrive at a GIANT waterfall cascading into a pool of clear & pure water. Then you look over and see people jumping off the rocks, swimming under the falls and simply enjoying Pura Vida. After a short photo shoot, because of course what else would you expect from a group of 7 college-age women? You dive into the refreshing water and swim closer to the falls where you start chatting with […]