Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2012

I think one of the biggest examples of leadership as an athlete on and off the field has been when I won Miss Kentucky team USA 2012. Many people don’t realize that the competition exist highly on academics and physical fitness. It also takes an extraordinary amount of leadership not only to win this title but to work throughout the year under Miss universe and Donald Trump. You become an instant role model for girls who were looking up to you to determine what a healthy weight is. Therefore it is important to set an example that maintaining a healthy weight comes from a healthy lifestyle with exerciseeating right and getting a good amount of sleep. While I love fruit and smoothies, I also enjoy French fries therefore I make sure that I eat everything in moderation and in preparation for an athletic event coming up I tend to make sure to fuel my body with more protein for strength and endurance. I think it is important at a young age to take care of your body so that when you’re older you will maintain good health.

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