About Me

Welcome to my world! My name is Tiffany! I am a 21-year old college student and former Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2012! Here are some answers to any questions you may have!

Where I am from.
This one is a long story! I was born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, I live in Virginia and I go to school in Michigan. I attend Central Michigan University where I study Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and Spanish!

What I do.
I am a very busy college student! I am a member of the honors program at CMU and I am quite involved on campus. I’ve worked as an anchor at the student-run news station while being a study abroad ambassador, making videos/blog posts, running a freelance company, and working as a Proposal and Endowment specialist in the Office of Advancement. I am always on the go, to say the least. I also studied abroad THREE times- In Mexico, Costa Rica, and Italy.

Why I started blogging.
I started my blog on www.tiffanystreasurechest.weebly.com in 2015 because I wanted to have a venue to share positivity and my daily life with friends and family. I really enjoyed writing out my thoughts about college and sharing positive messages that were inspired by my daily devotional; however, I became so busy this spring semester that I was unable to maintain my blog. As I transition into new adventures with studying abroad, I decided to revamp my old website to a new and fresh website that I could dedicate my time to posting about my career happenings.

Interesting facts about me.
– I was Miss Kentucky Teen USA in 2012
– I have traveled to 18 countries (Mexico 12 times)
– I skipped 2nd grade
– One of my goals is to write a book
– My favorite animal is a manatee
– I am addicted to coffee
– I am also addicted to shopping