Why I Travel

Have you ever found the one thing in life that gives you the motivation to push through even the toughest of days? The thing that brings you to tears when you think about what it has given you? That “thing” for me is Travel- It is the thing that makes my days worthwhile and constantly gives me something to look forward to. Ever since I was a little girl I traveled. My parents took me to Mexico, Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, back to Mexico, so on and so forth for my entire life. I grew up with the idea that I am meant to explore this huge and wild place called earth. I’m not meant to stay in the bubble that is the United States but instead take part in bettering myself by seeing how other people live. Traveling isn’t easy. In fact, when I went to Costa Rica for […]

Things that make you uncomfortable

Why You Should Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable More Often

Honestly, there aren’t many things that make me uncomfortable. I don’t mind traveling alone–I think it’s fun and exciting. Really, doing anything by myself is normally easy for me. I’m not scared of heights or small spaces. But there is something that makes me uncomfortable–exposing my body. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my body, but more that I feel like people are always looking at me if I wear something revealing. Kinda strange and random, I know, but it’s something that truly makes me uncomfortable. So when I went to Europe recently, and stayed at a spa, I went into a sauna and everyone was naked!!!!! I was completely shocked, first of all, because that doesn’t happen in America. But mainly I was intrigued because no one gave two shits that the person next to them was completely naked. They didn’t even seem bothered one bit, then there was […]