Livin’ & learnin’

Hey y’all! This summer I had an internship with USAC (a study abroad program) to make videos and take pictures of my time in Heredia,Costa Rica. I was really excited about this opportunity because lately I have been feeling very inspired to travel the world making videos & taking pictures. I hope to one day be a producer for a show on the Travel Channel. So this was a good start for me! I decided to buy the Adobe Creative Cloud a few months ago so I could teach myself how they work before starting my internship and also before starting my video/audio editing classes in my major. If you don’t already know, video & audio editing can be very tricky. So tricky that my first video I ever made last summer of my study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico ended up looking like a photo slideshow and my video of […]

At one with Mother Nature..

This weekend a group of girls and I went to Montezuma, Costa Rica. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite weekend here. I didn’t really like the town, everything was way overpriced and the people weren’t as nice as I expected. But there was one redeeming aspect that saved the weekend from being remembered by the negatives: las Cataratas de Montezuma. Picture this: A 20-minute walk up and down rocks winding through trees and branches. Then you arrive at a GIANT waterfall cascading into a pool of clear & pure water. Then you look over and see people jumping off the rocks, swimming under the falls and simply enjoying Pura Vida. After a short photo shoot, because of course what else would you expect from a group of 7 college-age women? You dive into the refreshing water and swim closer to the falls where you start chatting with […]

How To Study Abroad

Happy 2017! Now that the spring semester has started it is time to start thinking about and applying for study abroad programs! With deadlines  quickly approaching it can be challenging to know where to start, so here are some tips and tricks on how to study abroad. If you are interested in a summer or fall 2017 study abroad you should plan on having your application completed and submitted by February 15. CMU offers over 150 different programs in 40 countries for almost every major. With so many options it seems kind of daunting but there are so many resources on campus to help you. A quick crash course in the programs offered by CMU: Faculty-led: These programs are typically shorter in length and they are led by a faculty member. There will be other CMU students on your trip. Summer: These summer programs range from 2 weeks to the entire length […]