Acting Like You Don’t Care Won’t Stop You From Getting Heartbroken

  I am going to be honest here: I am known for putting up walls and acting like I don’t care to prevent heartbreak. The harsh reality of this is that it makes things worse. Everyone is fighting their own battles and has a history that has scarred them, but living in fear of history repeating itself doesn’t help you, it just hurts your chance of something not working out. Here’s why. A person can only stick around for so long when you aren’t giving them anything in return. This is kind of obvious, but if you’re not putting forth the same amount of effort or interest then they are going to think you are just not that into them. You could think they are amazing, but they aren’t going to wait around forever for you to let down your walls and actually make them feel wanted. You could miss […]

Why I Stopped Working Out And Started Eating More Cake Instead…

I felt like I needed to be honest with y’all, and I hope that my story will speak to someone and help them realize that they are perfect just the way they are (cue Bruno Mars’ voice). I used to be a total ‘gym rat.’ I went to the gym on the daily, 6 times a week, no excuses. I would lift weights , do 500 crunches (no, this is not an exaggeration) and do at least 30 minutes of cardio. I was honestly really in shape, but the kind of in shape that society deems as in shape. I found myself not wanting to eat a cookie because it would effect my progress at the gym and hating myself if I was too busy to make it one day. Then things changed for me after I went to Oaxaca, when I took a month off from the gym. I […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade (And Chop Off Your Hair)

Okay, so maybe chopping off your hair isn’t supposed to be a part of that phrase, but for some people (including myself) visible change can make all the difference. So life handed me some lemons this past year- they weren’t too sour of lemons, but they were still not that tasty. From crazy roommates my first semester, to a bad breakup on valentines day, it is safe to say that being 14 hours away from home really sucked when all of these things were thrown at me at once. But one thing I learned through these kind of difficult times (I realize that my life isn’t that bad) is that a positive attitude makes all the difference. When I changed my mindset I became a lot happier- I met 3 of my best friends, got better grades, had more fun, and chopped my hair off into a “lob”.  What I […]

Something New: 5 Day Challenges

Summertime is in full-swing and with all of this free time I have found my self wondering through the internet. The other day I found a blog, Refinery29, and it is really awesome. You all should check it out. Anyways, after reading a load of their articles I discovered they had a YouTube channel! One of their series that I really loved was “Try Living with Lucie.” She does these 5 day challenges and makes videos about her experience. After binge-watching these videos I really felt inspired to try something similar. So this post is just a short little intro to a new thing I’m doing!  I am going to complete a few 5 day challenges that I think will really push me to think about things and the world around me. I’m going to write about them and hopefully this will inspire a few people to try something new! […]

How To Get A Bikini Body..

Ah… bikini season- the best and worst time of year. We love the warm weather and being out of school, but the pressure to look hot in a bikini always seems to be hanging over our heads. Society has put the idea that we MUST look like a Victorias Secret model to have a “bikini body.” Well, i’m here to tell you otherwise.  So I have been pretty “lucky.” I have been a size 0 my entire life and that’s exactly what society says we are supposed to look like. Unfortunately, because of my god-given body shape I am often told, “Hey, why don’t you eat a burger” or “You look pretty weak.” It gets quite annoying when people are constantly telling me to gain weight or get “curves”, just as I assume it must be annoying when curvy girls are told to lose weight. I’m here to say that […]