A Weekend in my Life in Pictures.

I am not going to lie, normally my weekends are really boring and it would be embarrassing to ever make a blog post about it. But this weekend was a little different. The weather in Michigan decided to play nice so it was absolutely gorgeous and I definitely cannot spend my time inside when the weather is this nice. So without further a do here are some pictures from a very jam-packed three days. So on Friday my friend Ethan and I moved out 98% of the stuff in my dorm room and went shopping. It was a successful day, to say the least. Then Friday night going dancing was a necessity so that’s what Audrey and I did. Saturday morning was especially fun. I am writing an article on style for CMU’s online magazine so Audrey and I had a photo shoot. And of course I asked my most […]

The Life of an Intern.

I am by no means an expert on interning, but I like to think that I know a little something on how to get one, especially at a young age. Interning is one of those things that everyone seems to dread because it is normally unpaid, busy work; however, that is not always the case. I intern for a governmental affairs law firm and I have not once spent my day making copies or getting coffee (although, if they asked I would do it without a single complaint). The thing to getting an internship is that you shouldn’t just take the first one that pops up if it isn’t a place you can see yourself spending four months at. You really should make sure that you look hard for all possible internships and then narrow down to find which one will suit you the best. Being an intern at a […]

The day I left home.

                                                “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling” As a college student I have come to realize that one of the hardest things about the transition from high school to college is having to leave home for the first time. It was something that tore me up for the first semester until I realized that leaving home is just a part of life and that your home is wherever your heart is. So even if you are in a different time zone your family can still be “home”. Here’s the story about the first time I left home for longer than a few days: I am not a very emotional person. I am just not into crying or being sad- I like to think of myself […]

College Morning Routine.

Having a productive morning in college can be hard… really hard. The life of a college student can get really overwhelming which inevitably makes you want to sleep all day- trust me, I know this feeling. With a job and an internship (which both happen to start at 8 am) I had to learn quickly how to function early in the morning. Here’s my routine:6 am- Time to wake up… without pressing snooze 20 times. 6;05 am- By now I have finally rolled out of bed and walked to my bathroom half asleep where I am blinded by the bright light…. but at least now I am awake:) 6:15 am- I try to workout in the morning because my day gets busier as it progresses, so by now I have made my way down to the gym in my dorm to do my workout which usually lasts 30-45 minutes. 7 […]

Treat yo’self. 

With finals next week and then the holiday’s right after that I want to take the time to write about how important it is to treat yourself sometimes. I mean, who wants to be all work and no play. I actually wrote about this subject in a recent essay because it is something that has really influenced me during my first semester of college and has helped keep me sane. My dad always tells me that sometimes you need to take a breather and do something for yourself because you should “celebrate your victories” (that’s a famous Marco Cline quote). As a stressed out college student this is even more important because sometimes you literally feel like your head is going to explode!!!! So take a step back sometimes and realize how many awesome things you are doing and then celebrate for a little bit before getting back to work! […]