How To Study Abroad

Happy 2017! Now that the spring semester has started it is time to start thinking about and applying for study abroad programs! With deadlines  quickly approaching it can be challenging to know where to start, so here are some tips and tricks on how to study abroad. If you are interested in a summer or fall 2017 study abroad you should plan on having your application completed and submitted by February 15. CMU offers over 150 different programs in 40 countries for almost every major. With so many options it seems kind of daunting but there are so many resources on campus to help you. A quick crash course in the programs offered by CMU: Faculty-led: These programs are typically shorter in length and they are led by a faculty member. There will be other CMU students on your trip. Summer: These summer programs range from 2 weeks to the entire length […]

What happens when you lose motivation

It is the end of the semester and if we are being honest with each other than we have all likely lost any hope of being motivated. College is hard and mentally draining, so what happens when you have 4 weeks left of classes but zero motivation to do anything? Well, if I knew the answer to that than I would be rich. The truth is that losing motivation at certain points in your life is going happen. Sometimes it will last for a week, other times it will last for months. It is important to remember to do a few things when you find yourself seriously struggling.

College Hacks

When you start college there are a lot of unkown things…like how to make it to class on time, how to make do in the shoebox that is called your dorm and how to save money…because let’s be real, college kids are really as broke as they say. I’m here to help you out. As an experienced college kid (sarcasm because no one is ever experienced enough to be good at college) I have a few tips that I learned my first year: Take reusable containers to the dining hall. This is totally against the rules but if your stealth about it you will be fine. My dining hall always had really good fruit and bagels so I would bring containers and take some cantaloupe and pinneapple, then a few bagels as well because no one has time to go to the store every time you run out of those […]

Why I Love To Read + Freebie

Something that I learned growing up is that reading is awesome. Seriously, I love it. There are many reasons why I began to love to read and there are also many books that helped me grow to love the forgotten hobby. Here are some of the many reasons why I love to read (and why you should give it a try): It takes you to another world. When I feel stressed out by the world around me, reading is one of the best ways for me to find solitude. You can focus on the character’s life rather than your own, and that’s pretty neat. You can read literally anywhere. When you’re on a long plane/car ride you can have the book out for hours without it needing a charge like your phone (duh). But it is a pretty easy means of entertainment. If you are reading a sexy scene no […]

My Favorite Thing To Do…

So what is my favorite thing to do? If any of you know me personally, or even if you follow me on social media, then you know that there is something that I am very passionate about: Traveling. One thing I want to accomplish with my life is sharing my love and passion for traveling with people, like you, in hopes that I might inspire someone to try it out. There are a billion reasons why I love to travel (you can find some of them here), so one of the best ways I thought I could show my true passion is with a video compilation from my first study abroad experience to Oaxaca, Mexico. It truly shows how incredible traveling is, and in light of my upcoming trip to Germany, I thought I would test out my video making skills so I can make a compilation from that trip […]