One Week Of Journaling

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite videographers at Refinery29 Lucie Fink, for one week I  will do something outside of my comfort zone….and write about it! This week: Journaling  Journaling has some awesome benefits like: Making you more mindful Boosting memory and comprehension Stretching you IQ And a lot of other really awesome things that will make my life a little better. […]

The Search for Inspiration

“(Un) inspired and too tired” – A monolougue My semester has been very below-average. Like the kind of semester that didn’t really suck, but was also not that great. It’s as if my semester fell into some weird “middle place.” And at this point, I’m over it. My grades are ok, but not great. My life is semi-interesting, but not […]


I am currently having some serious F.O.M.O….but this time because I feel  like I am missing out on life being stuck in one place when this summer I was living it up in Costa Rica. My study abroad experience was hands down the most life-changing experience I have had. I accomplished several goals, had many firsts and came back with […]