17 Can’t Miss [And Cheap] Restaurants in Florence, Italy

The 17 Best Cheap Restaurants in Florence, Italy

(Just found this on my laptop from my 4 months in Italy … really missing all these places right about now)

So you’re heading to Florence, Italy? Florence is home to so many good, cheap eats. Here are 17 of my favorite places to eat for cheap:

The Oil Shoppe

There are so many reasons to love the Oil Shoppe. From the owner’s warm smiles to the incredible avocado iced coffee, this place is not to be missed during your time abroad. Not only is the food good but also cheap. For 4,50 euro you can get a sandwich with local meats, and delicious sauces like truffle oil (yum) They also have the best salads with the freshest cheeses and veggies for 5,50 euro.  

Don’t forget to top off your meal with the best iced coffee in all of Florence for 2 euro.

All’antico Vinaio

If any of your friends have ever come to Florence, then you’ve definitely seen a picture or two of the massive paninis from All’antico. For 5 euro you can get a panino bigger than your face filled with delicious meats, cheeses, and sauces (again, truffle sauce)

Don’t let the long line scare you away, it’s so worth it. It’s cash only so bring euro.

Gusta Pizza

Another gram-worthy food spot, known for their delicious (and cheap) heart-shaped pizzas. Melt-in-your-mouth cheese and homemade dough make the normally long-wait worth it. My favorite is the margarita pizza.

It’s cash only so bring euro and be sure to ask for your pizza heart-shaped at the register.


Ganzo is the culinary school restaurant for Florence University of the Arts (a study abroad school). On Wednesdays, they offer a 5 euro aperitivo which includes a drink and a nice buffet of pasta, chicken & rice, meats, cheese, etc.

It gets really busy because it’s such a great deal. It’s from 6-10 pm on Wednesdays, so go early if you want a table.

Panini Toscana

Hands down my favorite panino in Florence. It’s a little hole-in-the wall behind the Duomo with kind workers and delicious ingredients.

The line is always long, but so worth it. They give you samples of all their meats and cheeses, so you can craft your perfect sandwich. For 6 euro you’ll have a fresh panini and a cool experience.

Salumeria Verdi (AKA Pinos)

Pino’s is well-known for study abroad students for its cheap and larger than life panini. Pino also happens to be the nicest man ever.

I always get the Magic ZBD or the Poker.

Foody Farm

One of my favorite places when I need my fried food fix, but still want that Italian food quality. Foody farm is located on Corso Tintori and has half-portions of all their meals. I always get the chicken strips which come with truffle-cheese dip and fries for 4,50 euro. This place makes for a great and quick lunch.

Shake Café

Shake Café offers fresh juices and smoothies at a reasonable price of 5 euro. They also serve awesome avocado toast & wraps for 6 euro.

My favorite juice is the “tropicale” paired with a spicy fajita wrap.

Le Vespe Café

The perfect spot if you’re in the mood for something other than a pastry. They have everything from bagel sandwiches to eggs benedict to a full English breakfast. Le Vespe Café also boasts a long smoothie, juice, coffee and tea menu.

If you’re on the go they offer special take-out prices for students including combinations like a bagel with a coffee or avocado toast with a coffee. Each of the options is less than 6 euro.

Mercato Centrale

This is the main market in Florence. On the second level of the market, there is a cool food court that offers any kind of food your heart may desire. It’s a good place to go when your group can’t decide on one place or if you want some great tasting food for less than 10 euro.

Osteria Santo Spirito

Two words: Truffle Gnocchi. Best cheap dinner place in all of Florence. You can get half portions of their pasta for 6-8 euro. Make reservations because this place is very popular.

Soul Kitchen

A less Americanized aperitivo. They have a really unique drink menu and a buffet of delicious food. For 10 euro you get a drink and all you can eat buffet.

Mama’s Bakery

If you find yourself on the other side of the Arno river then make sure to stop by Mama’s Bakery. They have homemade pastries, bagels, and a plethora of coffee options.

Rooster Café

The perfect place to brunch or get your fix of unlimited drip coffee. Be sure to try their grandma’s style pancakes.

Ditta Artigianale

One of the best spots on Via dei Neri. They have amazing coffee and a good atmosphere. They also sell breakfast like avocado toast, eggs & bacon, and pancakes for a reasonable price. Around dinner time they change the menu to include more savory options and alcoholic beverages.

IT IT Sandwich Café

A lot of cafes in Florence won’t let you sit on your laptop for hours because they’re really busy, so if you need to do that then go here. The coffee is great, and they have a cooler with premade yogurt parfaits, sandwiches and fruit cups. It’s a good place to stop in if you’re on the go.


Another cool aperitivo spot. The drinks at this place are amazing and the food buffet has a nice selection to hold you over until dinner. The price of a drink and all you can eat buffet is 10 euro.

La Menagere

A great spot to study or get some work done. They sell great coffee and pastries, and in the back of the café is a flower shop.

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