The Day I Decide to Change My Life

An old post I found hidden on my laptop – I guess sometimes things do change for the better. #feelingcontent

“So, what happens when things aren’t really going your way? Someone in your life isn’t fulfilling your needs, your goals aren’t being accomplished as easily, or you have the realization that adulting is a real thing and maybe you aren’t so good at it.


Quite frankly, I have such high expectations of people and things. I always hope that people will put in the effort that I desire or that a situation will bring me joy and happiness. And of course, those things never really happen 100% of the time.


Costa Rica is amazing and some days are better than others. Sometimes I am really sick of the 75% humidity, the catcalling, the bugs, the rice &beans. Other days I find myself in a magical part of the world which brings me so much solitude, like my weekend in Puerto Viejo.


In my personal life, sometimes I am so happy with the people in my life, other times not so much. Whether it be for lack of effort, misunderstanding, or just downright jerkiness, sometimes I am not so happy. And that’s totally ok, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about verbalizing your needs, especially if the other person has found their happiness in you while you are still waiting for them to listen to what you say and make an effort to do the same.


The thing about unhappiness in your life is that if you sit back and let it run its course it will be never-ending. It is totally OK to have expectations. If your significant other can’t figure out how to make you happy when you explicitly tell them then maybe it’s time to consider other options. If you find yourself in a foreign country and unhappy, don’t stay in the same place that is making you unhappy. Be adventurous and seek the magical places, because I guarantee you almost every place has them


If you become a victim of your unhappiness then that is your choice. Don’t let people bring you down when they make you feel lesser than you are or like you are an annoyance for having needs because we all have them. Don’t let your situation define you, and if you find yourself doing just that then go seek and you shall find something that will remind you it’s all going to be ok.


If your relationship doesn’t end up working out because they couldn’t at least try to fulfill your needs then it’s their fault for letting their ego get in the way and that’s just the way the universe works sometimes. If you are in a rut, there are better places, you just have to take risks sometimes and it will all make sense.”




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