Why Not Knowing What You Want May Not Be So Bad After All

My dad told me “Quit being so wishy-washy, you’ll regret it.”

I kind of give it to him for the “you’ll regret it part,” only because I stress out everyone in my life & who wouldn’t regret that? Other than that, there are very few personal regrets.

During my childhood I dreamt of becoming an actress (because I am so overly dramatic it pains me).

I took a shot at being an artist, until I realized I couldn’t draw more than what looked like a potato.

I entertained the idea of teaching until I made my brother cry because I am too bossy.

Then I realized my true calling of becoming an aquatic veterinarian. Until I realized like two jobs exist in that field.

That quickly changed to dreaming of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

After coming to terms with reality, I turned to wanting to join the Air Force as a doctor.

Then while applying to colleges, completely lost as to what I wanted to do, broadcasting kinda fell into my lap.

Halfway through my freshmen year I was like, “wait, law school might be good!”

One internship later I quickly changed back to the media field as a journalist, until I made my way back to broadcasting (fingers crossed I stick with it so I can actually graduate next year).

So, do I have any regrets after changing my mind literally 100 times? Nope. (sorry dad, you weren’t right this time)

After my dabbling in so many career paths I found what I like and what I thrive off of. Although I may not be the best at it yet, I sure do have a creative mind and the passion to back it and make my goals come to life.

Moral of the story:

Not knowing what you want from life may lead you exactly where you need to be. Whether it be backpacking through Europe writing and making videos, or cutting people up and saving lives.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that includes thoughts & feelings.

So here’s to me hoping to be the next Carrie Bradshaw and here’s to you being whatever the h*ll it is that brings your passions to life.



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