The Search for Inspiration

“(Un) inspired and too tired” – A monolougue

My semester has been very below-average. Like the kind of semester that didn’t really suck, but was also not that great. It’s as if my semester fell into some weird “middle place.” And at this point, I’m over it.

My grades are ok, but not great. My life is semi-interesting, but not interesting enough. And my bank account is struggling (no trying to sugar coat this one).

My excuse: I just need some inspiration.

After being in Costa Rica for pretty much the entire summer, and coming back to the States where life is just a little “blah,” kinda like being at a yellow light. Not quite as annoying as a red ¬†light where things are stopped, not quite as great as a green light where things are moving at a steady pace, but in the middle.

It’s hard to describe to people that I found my calling abroad. I found my true purpose in life, although I have always known it to involve traveling.

I found my enjoyment in riding on a bus at 10 p.m. to a random beach town, chatting it up with a businessman…completely in Spanish. Or going to the same coffee shop every day, ordering a cappuccino, and editing (or at least trying to) videos. I shouldn’t blame my lack of recent success and fulfillment to not traveling, but I’m going to.

Because sometimes you find exactly what you want to be doing with your life, and until you are actually doing it it’s okay to be a little whiney.

So here is to figuring out what inspires you and searching for it every single day. Until next time my friends!




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