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Hey y’all! This summer I had an internship with USAC (a study abroad program) to make videos and take pictures of my time in Heredia,Costa Rica.

I was really excited about this opportunity because lately I have been feeling very inspired to travel the world making videos & taking pictures. I hope to one day be a producer for a show on the Travel Channel. So this was a good start for me!

I decided to buy the Adobe Creative Cloud a few months ago so I could teach myself how they work before starting my internship and also before starting my video/audio editing classes in my major. If you don’t already know, video & audio editing can be very tricky.

So tricky that my first video I ever made last summer of my study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico ended up looking like a photo slideshow and my video of my trip to Germany looked funky because I shot all of the videos the wrong way…

Lessons learned, I tried a different approach this summer by Youtubing hundreds of “how-to” videos for Adobe Premier Pro (a video editing software). After “trying” to learn, I made my first video about coffee shops in Mount Pleasant, Michigan for News Central 34 with a lot of help. Again, I shot almost every shot wrong and there was a little variety of b-roll.

Fast forward to my first video this summer, with no talking, just videos/pictures/music and this is what I ended up with. Not bad, but certainly not the best. Then I made another video, then another, then another and finally I created what I think are my best videos yet! (The two videos down below)

I learned how to shoot better shots, including more variety and incorporate more video effects like slowing down the speed and rewinding clips!

This summer I experienced a lot of growth in video production and I am happy that I have it all documented by the progression of the quality of the videos on my Youtube channel!

Stay tuned for the video I have been working on all summer for my internship with USAC!

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