Stop saying my major is easy…

I am a broadcasting major and journalism minor, and they are not “easy” areas of study.

Any time someone asks what I am majoring in I tell them with pride because I love what I do. But then I notice that there is usually a strange look on their face.

When I ask someone what they are studying I usually hear something in the STEM field so to them broadcasting and journalism seem like easy ways out.

I am sick of feeling ashamed to tell people what I am studying because I pour my heart and soul in what I do.

Just because I am not taking four biology and chemistry classes a semester does not mean my major is easy. If you didn’t like writing you probably wouldn’t be overly excited to write a book for a final project; but I am.

I am just so over the strange looks and the condescending smirks because people make their degree choice a competition.

If someone chooses to study something outside of the STEM field it does not make them less relevant to society.

How do you think a hospital does its PR?

It’s not with the help of a doctor.

How does everyone in the world get their information about what is happening?

With the work of a journalist.

How do you get your daily laughs from BuzzFeed?

Not from someone who studied neuroscience in college.

Of course I am not saying any of those careers are irrelevant because that would be a silly assumption, I am just making the point that all career paths matter because they all contribute different, and important, things to society.

So please stop acting like I took the easy way out by majoring in broadcasting because I didn’t.

I am just doing what I love and working my butt of each day to make my dreams come true.


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