I feel bad for the people who don’t know how to be alone

I feel bad for the people who don’t know how to be alone. I should know because I used to be one of those people.

Being alone takes a lot of self-love. It takes being able to enjoy a movie without someone by your side, it means being able to go out to dinner and not feel weird when people give you strange looks because there isn’t someone across from you.
Being truly alone and enjoying it is so so freeing.

It makes you realize that you are more than enough and that you never need anyone to be happy.

Although I have not yet accomplished that complete feeling of self-love, I am definitely working on it.

Something easy to forget is how enjoyable solitude can be, how chilling by yourself one night can actually be good for you and might actually teach you a few things about life!

Just think, there will be times when your friends won’t be able to make it to that movie you’ve been dying to see or they can’t spend 3-hours at the mall. Does that mean you don’t go? Or do you realize that you can have just as much fun going by yourself?

That moment when you can enjoy your own company is when you have begun to master the art of being independent.

On a more real note, people won’t always be there for you when you are in what feels like a black hole either. Because people aren’t perfect and they sometimes let you down.

Sometimes life will feel like it’s ending and no one will be there to comfort you so you have to put the pieces back together.

More people need to realize that sometimes they will go through things that no one will fully understand but themselves.

For the longest time I always thought I needed people around me to make it through the day. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my family started to become distant I felt like I had no one to turn to so I surrounded myself with people who weren’t the best for me. I just thought that they would make it all better because at least they were a warm body.

Don’t be like me. Don’t surround yourself with people who don’t make you better just because you can’t be on your own.

You will regret it. Trust me.

Stuff like this will happen to everyone and it pains me to see people who live in this alternate universe where nothing bad is ever going to happen to them, and if it does that they will always have people to get them through it.

Moral of this story: learn how to love yourself and how to put the broken pieces of your life back together on your own.

If someone is there to help, then appreciate them. Just don’t expect people to always fulfill all of your hopes and wishes.

Do it for yourself first.

Have a happy Tuesday! Xoxo,


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