Less Relationship Goals, More Self Goals


Putting too much of your happiness in anyone other than yourself is a big mistake.

Basing self-worth on whether we are ‘relationship goals’ or how many friends we have is not the best way of thinking. It is actually kind of silly to think that either of those things actually define who you are a person.

Yeah, I used to be so guilty of that because I would go on social media and see all these posts of people in relationships or hanging out with their friends and I thought I had to have that to be happy. Instead of reminding myself how lucky I was to have myself and those that were in my life.

I just think it is silly to wait for someone to achieve goals with when we should be proactive and accomplish them on our own, after all, we are totally capable of taking basic PSL pics at the pumpkin patch without a significant other.

We should be having more self-goals; more goals that we can accomplish on our own instead of with someone else. This whole idea of waiting on someone to travel the world or doing ‘fall activities’ with is just going to lead to disappointment. In the end all we have is ourselves so we might as well learn how to do things on our own sooner rather than later.

And saying that you are totally capable of doing things on your own does not mean that you are just a bitter person, it means that you have figured out that making self-goals before relationship-goals is the secret to success and happiness. No one will ever be able to make you happy or successful until you can do so yourself. Learning that now only prevents you from disappointment in the future.

Relationships are great, but you don’t need to have someone to travel the world with when you can do it on your own. Putting things on hold until you find your soulmate to do it with you isn’t ‘goals’ it’s just dumb.

Don’t be that person who misses out on their entire youth because you were too concerned about finding someone else to make you happy. Make your individual goals and accomplish them. Surround yourself with good friends who make you laugh and make you a better person and everything else will work itself out. You’ll eventually find someone when you are meant to!

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