College Hacks

When you start college there are a lot of unkown things…like how to make it to class on time, how to make do in the shoebox that is called your dorm and how to save money…because let’s be real, college kids are really as broke as they say. I’m here to help you out. As an experienced college kid (sarcasm because no one is ever experienced enough to be good at college) I have a few tips that I learned my first year:

  1. Take reusable containers to the dining hall. This is totally against the rules but if your stealth about it you will be fine. My dining hall always had really good fruit and bagels so I would bring containers and take some cantaloupe and pinneapple, then a few bagels as well because no one has time to go to the store every time you run out of those essentials.
  2. Use your time in between class wisely. Last year I was very busy. I would work 8-12 on Mondays and Wednesday’s then have class from 2-6:15 then go to work or a meeting at 7:30. This means I have no free time to get homework done so I would do it in the halls in between classes or work! Be creative with your time management.
  3. If you don’t have a speaker to play music just use a cup! You can put your phone inside of it and it works just as well!
  4. If you don’t have AC in your dorm and it is super hot, turn your shower on cold and put a fan in front of it! Leave the bathroom door open and it should cool things down a bit.
  5. If you have a keurig you can use it to make ramen noodles, oatmeal, really anything! Just don’t put a Kcup in the holder!
  6. You can organize stuff in your bathroom with an over the door shoe organizer! It saves space and is really nifty.
  7. Decorate your walls as much as you want with wall putty. You can get them at Walmart in the tape section. They are blue and come off of the wall clean!
  8. Command strips are your bestfriend.
  9. Take advantage of your student discount! Many places have them, you just have to ask. Check some out here!
  10. Invest in a mattress topper and you won’t even notice that your dorm bed is actually hard as a rock. They are like $70 and it is one of the best investments I made for my dorm because nothing beats a good nights sleep.
  11. ┬áIf you have a Starbucks on campus and you’re addicted but also broke, get an iced coffee or iced tea and you can get free refills all day! (Or for $.50 if you don’t have a gold card)

That’s all for today, folks. I hope your week is as fabulous as you are!



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