My Favorite Thing To Do…

So what is my favorite thing to do? If any of you know me personally, or even if you follow me on social media, then you know that there is something that I am very passionate about: Traveling. One thing I want to accomplish with my life is sharing my love and passion for traveling with people, like you, in hopes that I might inspire someone to try it out. There are a billion reasons why I love to travel (you can find some of them here), so one of the best ways I thought I could show my true passion is with a video compilation from my first study abroad experience to Oaxaca, Mexico. It truly shows how incredible traveling is, and in light of my upcoming trip to Germany, I thought I would test out my video making skills so I can make a compilation from that trip as well.

I hope y’all enjoyed this and maybe it even inspired someone to book a trip!!! Who knows! There is an upcoming post on what I am packing for a trip to Europe so stay on the look out for that.




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