A Letter to my High-school Self.

Dear 16-year old me,

It is all going to be OK. You are going to end up somewhere totally different than what you think and that is alright, just embrace the change. That guy you are crying over, well you will eventually find someone better. That girl that you hate because she’s dating your ex? Well, you will soon come to realize that friends come and go but you will eventually find one special person to call your “bestfriend.”

It’s all going to be OK. That B you got on that paper isn’t going to matter when you get a full ride to college, so don’t sweat it. Trying to fit in and look like all of the “popular girls” really won’t matter either because one day you’ll learn that it is so much better to be yourself- people like being surrounded by someone who is comfortable in their own skin. One day you will learn that showing more skin isn’t always better, but instead it just attracts the wrong kind of guys (which one day you will also learn how to avoid those kind of guys). 

That time you said you hated your mom for controlling your life? Well, you’ll be grateful for that. Moms really do know what is best. That time you found yourself crying because you had no clue what you wanted to do with your life? That feeling will probably remain a constant in your life for awhile, but you’ll learn to embrace it and make the most out of the unknown. 

Make sure you don’t try to grow up too fast. Wishing away your youth is one the biggest mistakes anyone can make. Yeah being an adult is cool and college is great but you will miss having very little responsibility and being ignorant to the problems of the world. Ignorance really is bliss. Laugh as much as you can. Have as much fun as you can and don’t sweat the small stuff. Time flies so much faster than you could have ever imagined.

Just remember that it is all going to be OK.


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