Your Life is Boring

The other day someone flat out told me they are bored by life and it got me thinking about some things regarding the battle between boredom excitement that life offers. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, duh. No one ever told you it was going to be. So why is there an expectation that each day needs to live up to the hype of whatever you consider being “exciting”? Is my daily life in Mount Pleasant, Michigan ever going to be as “exciting” as daily life in Florence, Italy? No. Do I expect it to be? Sometimes yes. I sit and wonder where this expectation for an exciting life even begins to stem from. I begin to scroll aimlessly on social media. I see people who are traveling the world, maybe even just hanging out with friends at a bar. I start to feel even more contempt for my […]

17 Can’t Miss [And Cheap] Restaurants in Florence, Italy

The 17 Best Cheap Restaurants in Florence, Italy (Just found this on my laptop from my 4 months in Italy … really missing all these places right about now) So you’re heading to Florence, Italy? Florence is home to so many good, cheap eats. Here are 17 of my favorite places to eat for cheap: The Oil Shoppe There are so many reasons to love the Oil Shoppe. From the owner’s warm smiles to the incredible avocado iced coffee, this place is not to be missed during your time abroad. Not only is the food good but also cheap. For 4,50 euro you can get a sandwich with local meats, and delicious sauces like truffle oil (yum) They also have the best salads with the freshest cheeses and veggies for 5,50 euro.   Don’t forget to top off your meal with the best iced coffee in all of Florence for […]

The Day I Decide to Change My Life

An old post I found hidden on my laptop – I guess sometimes things do change for the better. #feelingcontent “So, what happens when things aren’t really going your way? Someone in your life isn’t fulfilling your needs, your goals aren’t being accomplished as easily, or you have the realization that adulting is a real thing and maybe you aren’t so good at it.   Quite frankly, I have such high expectations of people and things. I always hope that people will put in the effort that I desire or that a situation will bring me joy and happiness. And of course, those things never really happen 100% of the time.   Costa Rica is amazing and some days are better than others. Sometimes I am really sick of the 75% humidity, the catcalling, the bugs, the rice &beans. Other days I find myself in a magical part of the […]

Swiss Adventures

About 3 weeks ago I went on probably my favorite trip in all of Europe: Interlaken, Switzerland. There is something to be said about the immense beauty of the Alps. But since I can’t even find the words to begin to describe my 3-day Swiss adventure, here’s a video! Enjoy!

Why I Travel

Have you ever found the one thing in life that gives you the motivation to push through even the toughest of days? The thing that brings you to tears when you think about what it has given you? That “thing” for me is Travel- It is the thing that makes my days worthwhile and constantly gives me something to look forward to. Ever since I was a little girl I traveled. My parents took me to Mexico, Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, back to Mexico, so on and so forth for my entire life. I grew up with the idea that I am meant to explore this huge and wild place called earth. I’m not meant to stay in the bubble that is the United States but instead take part in bettering myself by seeing how other people live. Traveling isn’t easy. In fact, when I went to Costa Rica for […]